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Give your salon or academy a chance to shine! INSPIRE publishes the most contemporary looks, cuts, styles and colors for women and men. We are always looking for great photography, photo collections and comments. We are also interested in any technical shoots you may be doing.

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Download » submission package for INSPIRE Vol. 104 (deadline July 10, 2016).

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Get Published Images INSPIRE is a quarterly salon publication that portrays today's current hairstyles and trends for men, women, teens and kids. Distributed worldwide, INSPIRE is always looking for hot new trends in hairstyling, color, cutting and fashion.

Whether you're a model, stylist, or salon owner, INSPIRE offers you a chance to show off your first-rate work and propel your career to a higher level. Submit your photos now!

Send All Work to:
Attn: Sheryl Lenzkes
2395 Angler Dr.
Lake Havasu City,AZ 86404
800.634.8500 or 818.782.7328

Submission Deadlines

January 10th • April 10th • July 10th • October 10th

Inspire Nail Fashion for Salon Clients

What’s new in your salon? The INSPIRE team is looking for new and innovative nail styles for publication in Inspire Nail Fashion for Salon Clients.

If your work is chosen, INSPIRE will furnish you with complimentary marketing materials to impress your clientele while bringing in new business—plus, you’ll get the personal satisfaction of having your work recognized on a national level.

You’ll receive:

  • A window decal promoting your status as an “INSPIRE-published salon”
  • A complimentary copy of the issue in which your work was published
  • A sticker for the book’s cover alerting clients that your work is featured
  • Complimentary listing as a “Featured Salon” on the websites serving INSPIRE and Nailpro magazine
  • Press release to send to your local media (upon request)

You have the skills and now you have the paperwork needed to submit your work. Download the pdf of our submission forms here—please remember to fill out all forms completely. We do recommend that you invest in a professional photographer with expertise in shooting nails. Photos should show close up detail of your work.

If you have questions, or need additional information, contact me at 800/634-8500 or email For a list of photographers, go here.


Best regards,
Sheryl Lenzkes
Managing Director, INSPIRE

7628 Densmore Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-2042 • Tel 800/634-8500