Free Technicals

Vol. 13 Texture
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STEP 1 (a & b)   Create a side part. Section the front of the head from the crown to behind the ear. Put the hair in the back into a low ponytail. STEP 2 (a & b)   Starting with the side panel of hair, wrap 1-inch pieces of hair around a triangular curling iron and hold for 20 seconds. Unwrap slowly. Continue this for the entire front section of hair.
STEP 3 (a & b) Taking pieces from the ponytail, repeat the same technique using the triangular curling iron. STEP 4 Take sections from the front and loop them around the underside of the ponytail. Pin the pieces in place near the ponytail. STEP 5 Secure a bobby pin to the end of each section that is in the ponytail. Open the hair that has been pinned up and slide the pin down into the hair.